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Our Services


The knowledgeable staff at Coast 2 Coast Forklift is able to offer you Appraisals on large or small packages of forklifts Nationwide, as well as other material handling equipment such as order pickers, reach trucks, turret trucks, aerial lifts, personnel carts, and sweeper scrubbers.


With numerous dry warehouses throughout North America, we have the ability to store any or all of your end-of-lease material handling equipment. Through our consignment program, together we can form a partnership to help you gain you highest returns on all of your material handling portfolios coming off-lease.


The experianced and knowledgeable members of our staff have the ability to perform thorough on-site inspections of any of your end of lease material handling equipment throughout North America. By providing “on-site” inspections, your lessee is able to be aware of all damages as well as the possibility of repair to the equipment before it is returned.


Coast 2 Coast Forklifts purchases all makes & models of material handling equipment. Please contact us with the specifications of the equipment you are looking to sell. Our purchasing department is always looking to increase our stock of forklifts, reguardless of the brand or age.


We provide re-marketing solutions for all of the equipment in your portfolio. We move large volume of equipment, while operating with small margins so that we can always provide the highest returns on all end of lease equipment.


We offer experienced expert consultation on all of your forklift and material handling portfolios. Our expertise includes but is not limited to consult on the front & back end of writing up the residual values of leases.


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